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Be the one to create it.

Hinkley Point C is a one-of-a-kind construction. Based on the north Somerset Coast, it’s the first nuclear power station to be built in Britain in a generation. This is a project of unrivalled scale, complexity and impact: once completed, it will be capable of delivering safe, secure and affordable low carbon energy to six-million homes (that’s 7% of the UK’s electricity) for more than sixty years.

Now we’re looking for talented, ambitious Project Managers - from Assistant to Senior positions - who can help us to secure the UK’s energy future. This is what one of our Senior Project Managers - Clement - has to say about his experience of the project so far:

“I’m managing a project to build six massive water heads that lead into the Bristol Channel, allowing Hinkley Point C to draw in water in an environmentally friendly way. It's a unique project because it combines civil works, tunnel works and offshore works.

My degree was in Civil Engineering but I soon realised I actually loved leading projects. Before I joined EDF, I was planning viaducts, bridges and rail projects like HS2. But rail and highway projects are country specific: nuclear is universal. And Hinkley Point C is probably the best project in Europe. It’s complex. It’s being built in a country with the strictest requirements. And it’s being talked about everywhere. That is a Project Manager’s dream.”

This is it.

If you’re a fiercely ambitious individual with Project Management acumen, you could be the one to lead and deliver one of the Britain’s most exciting projects.

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